08 August 2014

Weekend Inspiration - making and writing

Friday. Finally. This has been a long week. I am so happy it's over... nothing that bad about it, simply one of those tiring never-ending ones. But - yay! We made it through. Those on the other end of the pond - nearly there!

So, weekend.

There is always the "making" side of it. I'm nearing a point where I will have enough items made to present them to you. And I am very mush looking forward to it. 
Although. there is that little bit of fear that comes with it I guess, I've never publicly displayed my makes (except maybe as a kid at a school craft fair). It's all been kind of hush hush and kept just for me and those close to me. So to suddenly open it up and go "this is what I made" is kinda weird. I am fine with criticism. It's the non-constructive comments that I dread.

Well, that and ending up with the lot stuck in my cupboard forever.

I am also going to a nearby Craft festival (as a visitor) on Sunday. This will be the first time I go to anything like it. I have always just done my own thing and not really thought about it. I heard about this one though and it's not that far away + there are free gifts involved so... I have no excuse. I will share more about it sometime next week.

Source - Etsy

These past few days I have been thinking about writing more. Not in a sense of blog writing or story writing as such. Just - writing. 

Have you ever had that feeling you just wanna sit down and write something? You may not know exactly what it is or why it is, you just feel the urge to do it? 

Source - Flickr

That's where I'm at now. I'm kinda trying to figure it out, see where it takes me. So I will shut up and.... oh... wait...

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