11 August 2014

Starting up - notes to self

I have read blogs about blogs. Blogs about crafts. Blogs about Etsy. Blogs about keeping your finances right. Then of course, blogs that randomly caught my eye.

So I've been at it for a little while. I have found and read and stored inspiration and information. I've written a few things so far...I've made a few things so far.... I've been chatting to fellow writers and makers.

And after this little time, I feel I'm learning.

And sometimes it's hard.

Sometimes, I had a long day at work and all I wanna do is eat, have a cup of tea and slump on the sofa. Sometimes I feel there are other things to do - around the house, usually. Or, go see someone or go food shopping. And so on...

Life, eh...
But then!

I made a little mental list of things to keep in mind for these kinda times:

1. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Sometimes, it simply won't happen.
2. It's ok to be tired. Mentally or physically. It's called being human.
3. Never compare yourself to anyone - you are unique and you may still be searching for "it" whatever "it" is
4. Have fun. Always have fun with it all.
5. This is a part of your future and as a future thing it will take time to grow and develop. And on the way there, there will be mistakes to learn from.
6. Occasionally, try and get some sleep. Tell the brain to shut up.

Because things worth doing quite often take a little extra time.

Have you had such thoughts? Do you have your own list to adhere to? A mantra maybe? Leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter :) @honeysweetbird

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