03 August 2014

Something's in the making


Had a good weekend? I sort of decided to do nothing on Saturday. We went for a nice big field walk with Al (of course, it rained) sometime in the afternoon, but other than that I really just did nothing.

Today though, I made a lovely breakfast and maybe because of my "total day off" yesterday I felt rested and ready to take on the day. Of course, it's not quite as exciting, but sometimes doing the chores can be quite rewarding as it is. Don't you think?

So now I'm looking at my gorgeous new pieces of fabric and my little chest of scraps dreaming up new pieces to make. I've shared a couple on Twitter already, but there are more to come. And I truly believe having had little to nothing to do with making and blogging for a couple of days inspired me. Letting your brain wander through ideas whilst you're going through your simple daily tasks really does help the imagination :)

But, for now a couple of pictures of what I'm staring at (yes that is a huge mug of hot chocolate in the background):

In honesty, there is another box, much larger, full of goodies.... but not as photogenic as this little thing. Shhhh

As for the hot chocolate, I make my own little mix. I promise I will share that soon, and you'll never look back, so watch this space.


  1. this box is so pretty I wish I also had something like that for my makeup storage or something! but what I'm really looking forward is this hot chocolate that you're talking about yummmm...

    1. :) i know, they're awesome little boxes. I need to find some more for sure! And the chocolate will come...patience patience....

  2. Looks fun! Look forwards to seeing what you make. And so the special hot chocolate recipe! :)

    Zahra | Www.iamchiclondon.com

    1. It is fun getting these random bits and making them into something useable :)
      Chocolate is in the making...but right now - tea and The September Issue :)