20 August 2014

It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

Because maybe it has all been done before, but not by me, you and whoever else you want to point to.

I had a quiet week on here. We went away for the weekend, up to the Welsh north and extremely windy beaches...

Loved it.

It got me thinking about being able to work anywhere, anytime - whilst enjoying moments like these whenever they occur. This is why I have decided to make a list. A list of things I want to do, near future - far future...doesn't matter. 

"The biggest mistake we could ever make is to be too afraid to make one"

The idea of the list is being able to cross things off. Y'know? The satisfaction of getting it done! It doesn't matter how big or small. And I'd like you to join me :)

More to come in next post.... stay tuned... ;)

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