24 July 2014

Things that make you procrastinate. volume 1

One. Bloglovin'
Two. Pinterest

I have spent about 2 hours now simply reading through all the blogs in my feed. I don't get to do it much over the day so ones feed fills up! And of course, if you go and read one post, you kind of go and have a look around and then that moment of "oh, that looks interesting" happens and you are pulled in, without even realising what had happened.

I had this plan that tonight I'll do some sketching for the logo of the shop I'm planning to open on Etsy in August (note to self - August is next week...), throwing some ideas out for the layout, type etc.

Did this happen?


That notebook, sketchpad and pens are exactly where I've put them about 2 hours ago. At least I remembered to drink my tea before it went cold. I mean, you try and stay away from One Sheepish Girl.

Pinterest is no better! I am sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of amazing ideas people are coming up with, it's almost scary - I don't have the tiiiiiiiiiime to make and cook and decorate everything I like. 

But I'll pin it anyway...just in case...of course.

Pinterest however lead me to THIS gem. If you are one of those people who, like me, for whatever reason does not have a blender/smoothie maker (lack of space for me...) you can make one of these! Awesome! I can feel its goodness already.

So, I'll put my little notebook and sketchbook away and call it a day I think. Weekend will be better...right? :)

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