23 July 2014

Inspirational Wednesday - what I'm reading

A couple of years ago I was working for a design and print agency. Although I was familiar with the workings of a design place, I haven't really had any real experience other than some readings on the subject and a few magazines.

So, as one that is already a fan of all things design, I found myself falling in love with typography. As in - fonts themselves as well as the art. And then I found THE BLOG ILOVETYPOGRAPHY

The name itself appeals. To be honest, I found it while I was looking for a great desktop background for my big ol' monitor at work. There's plenty of free ones to download, my personal fave being this one:

I won't go into too many details as I'm sure you're dying to go and browse through their archives, but what I will say is that what I always go back to is the article about the importance of choosing the right type - not only for what its looks are, but for the ease of reading, it's function and if you're combining several - that becomes quite difficult. Not all typefaces are the same, nor should they be mixed without thought.

This of course includes blogs. I spent most of my time scrolling through what's available and I'm still not fully satisfied with it, but for now, I'll see how I feel after I've set up my routine. Any opinions on this?

Speaking of typography as an art, I have recently stumbled upon this:

A great way to sketch out some words of wisdom. Nourish your creative mind, keep track of where it's taking you - ALWAYS keep a notebook and a pen with you.

It's so simple isn't it?
Do you have any favourite typefaces?

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